Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Meanwhile, high above the East River...

MAY 17 MARKED the 40th Anniversary of the Roosevelt Island Tram, a cable car spanning the East River between the slender strip of land named for America's 32nd president and that crowded, villain infested-yet-superhero-protected place known as Metropolis, Gotham City, Manhattan.

"Launched as a temporary transportation measure until the F subway line would be routed to the newly residential island, the Roosevelt Island tram soon became an icon of the fledgling community. As the nations's first commuter aerial tram, it carries thousands to work and school on Manhattan and then back home to their Island residences daily, initially for 25 cents,'' says a website commemorating the 100th birthday of urban visionary and activist Jane Jacobs.

Apparently there was a ceremony.

I was not there. Perhaps, in some attendee's mind, these fellows were. -- ah

T.A.S-M, Punisher and Nightcrawler, Nov. 1976

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